Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs!
Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs!

Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs!

Fiyat : ₺273,00
Rabbits don't belong in the farmyard. So it creates quite a stir when Rupert the rabbit pops up. He tries to make himself useful, but he can't cock-a-doodle-do like Cockerel, and when he tries to lay an egg like Dora the duck, it's a disaster! Luckily Rupert is good at digging, which soon leads to the most unexpected farm job of all . . . Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs! from Paula Metcalf and Cally Johnson-Isaacs, the creators of Charlie Crow in the Snow, is an egg-ceedingly funny farmyard caper. A chunky board book with a glittery cover, this is the perfect book for an Easter gift – or any time of the year!


  • Kitap Adı Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs!
  • Yazar Paula Metcalf
  • Yayınevi Hodder Macmillan Children's Books
  • Sayfa Sayısı 32 sayfa
  • Ebat 4.9 x 7,8 cm
  • Dil İngilizce
  • Okuma yaşı ‏‎  3 yaş ve üstü
  • Barkod 9781447282778


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